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The weekend has come, Deadlines are not met, Deals are not closed. Just put them aside for a moment, this is the perfect time to relax with colleagues, friends, and family. Enjoy a delicious meal together, share stories and memories. And top it off with a glass of rich, fragrant wine or a cold craft […]

Activities at Italiani’s Pizza

In addition to serving food and drinks at Italiani’s Pizza, with the advantage of a spacious area of nearly 300m2 that can accommodate over 100 guests at once, the Diamond Plaza branch can also organize various events such as birthday parties, baby showers, company parties, workshops, family gatherings, anniversary celebrations, etc. The diverse menu offers […]


“There are no limits for women. We can do anything and become anyone we desire” – Michelle Obama. To celebrate the other half of the world, Italiani’s Pizza will bring a special menu just for this important day. Gentlemen, quickly book a wonderful dinner at the most beautiful Rooftop in District 1 – Terrace 34 […]

Highland Pizza – The taste of Highland

To commemorate their one-year wedding anniversary, the owner of the restaurant requested the head chef to create a special pizza for the occasion. After many sleepless nights contemplating, suddenly one night, the chef was struck with an idea. Remembering the hometown of the owner’s wife, which is located in a highland region with many unique […]

Valentine’s Day at Italiani’s Pizza Diamond

Thank you for coming to Italiani’s Pizza at Diamond Plaza on this Valentine’s Day, February 14. Italiani’s Pizza will be happy to see you in one visit. Especially this International Women’s Day 8/3. Italiani’s Pizza will have many new attractive programs. Have you remembered to it.

[Soft Opening] – 20% Off – F5 Diamond Plaza

We are happy to inform you that our new branch at 5th floor, Diamond Plaza is now open. And currently there is a promotion up to 20% on the occasion of Soft Opening. Still a familiar taste, but in a new, nicer, more spacious and chill space with a glass of cold fresh beer or […]

[New Dish] Gourmet Burger

Christmas is almost here, to celebrate a very peaceful and happy year. Italiani’s Pizza we have launched a new product, containing affluence, completeness and equally delicious. Although this dish many diners have also enjoyed in many places. But with the gourmet of the mysterious chef, with the blend of ingredients and spices. This dish will […]


Thank you for supporting Italiani’s Pizza in the past time. Italiani’s Pizza we will have a new brother, more beautiful, more luxurious. Along with many beautiful views for you to chill, live virtual with friends, relatives, … Background from luxurious to classic Vintage or garden in the sky with the ancient Notre Dame Cathedral. Please […]


Prosciutto in Italian means ham. In English, Prosciutto is also a type of salted and dried pork used to eat gradually. This type of dried salted pork leg is a famous and expensive culinary specialty of Italy’s central and northern regions. Prosciutto Burrata Pizza uses Italian ham with a distinctively rich flavor, blended with the […]

World Cup Combo [Worldcup 2022 Qatar]

The 2022 World Cup has come to a more exciting stage, right? The competition between the teams is becoming more and more interesting. And it becomes even more attractive when watching with friends while enjoying Pizza and Snack? In response to that, Italiani’s Pizza has launched 2 extremely attractive combos so that you can both […]