Posted on April 11, 2023 9:16 am

Chicken Pesto Pasta – Pesto Chicken Noodles (Green Chicken Noodles)

This is one of the highlights of Italian cuisine that you shouldn’t miss. The rich and creamy flavor of Pesto sauce blends with chicken fillets sautéed with olive oil, and is soaked into every strand of pasta. All of these combine to create a truly special and unforgettable dish.


200g chicken breast

200g Italian pasta

60g fresh basil leaves

5-6 cherry tomatoes (as desired)

Black pepper

5-6 cloves of garlic

Parsley, Assorted nuts (cashews, peanuts, etc.), Olive oil, Ground pepper, Salt, cream, shiitake mushrooms (saute with chicken if desired).

Step 1: Make Pesto sauce Ingredients: Basil leaves, Parmesan cheese, black pepper, garlic, assorted nuts (cashews, peanuts, etc.) to enhance the flavor of the sauce.

Wash the basil leaves, Parmesan cheese, black pepper, garlic cloves, and assorted nuts and put them into a blender. During the blending process, add a little water to prevent the sauce from drying out.

Step 2: Make Pesto Pasta Prepare: Diced chicken breast marinated with a little pepper and salt, Cherry tomatoes cut in half, Chopped parsley, Boiled Italian pasta.

Step 3: Put olive oil in a pan and stir-fry the chicken until it turns slightly brown, then add some shiitake mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Add cream and Pesto sauce. Add the pasta and stir until the strands are coated with the sauce, then sprinkle with chopped parsley for garnish.

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